This will be a sad page to put together and will take some time, I will save this one for last
It is with a very sad heart that I share the news passed to me by Lori Groves of the passing of

Austlyn's Stormin Dustbuster. July 15, 2000 - April 6, 2012

Dusty was from my first breeding that started it all for me From my lovely Jetta and the Waltenburgs ever so awesome Pete

Dusty lived with and was loved by Stacy Lawrence and her husband Jarrod. I can still recall both Lori & Staci coming over as best friends..BOTH of them wanting littermates at the same time. They were my first cattle dog litter interview and they were so easy to like right off!! Tucker and Dusti were good friends for a very long time, almost all my pics of the boys are of them together. I send huge hugs to Stacy & Jerrod and all who knew Dusty, he passed at home and I am sure that was a huge relief as I understand the only thing that boy really hated was going to the vets. It's hard to say good-bye from a distance yet I hope Stacy knows just how special those 2 boys were in my thoughts and memories. RIP Dusty  
About the same time learning about Dusty, I was contacted by Jon Malone of Iowa.  His Kitt who was from the same litter has also passed over the bridge.  Kitt was a big help to him on his ranch.  His job was to move the cattle and he did his job well plus was John's companion.  
<----  Kit at a seminar with Larry Painter 

                              Kit as a puppy​  ----------->