AUSTLYN AustralianCattle Dogs

        Dogs bred by Austlyn ACDs and their owners       
Brothers Ben & Jerry stride for stride
Billy Jack & family in Wa
Captain & Whiskey
Lori Graham Dolly & Crystal earning packing titles in Texas
Diesel & the Diehl family going boating
Jean and Edi earning his 1st Rally title
Ann Gundersons Keeper celebrating Halloween at school
Susan and Lewie celebrating his birthday at the 2004 Nationals
             Jessica Harris showing Sara
CH GetGo's Austlyn Peaches N Cream PT
Jerry lives with Merrill & Jeff ‚Äčin Calif
Docs first time on sheep at Lynn's
Emma lives with Joanne in
     Klamath Falls, Oregon
Mark Bamberry's Digger in No Carolina
Henry lives in Oregon with Lisa and his new big sister Hazel
Cris Whitehurst's lovely Shine