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Not ALL registries are the same, not all registries are recognized or accepted if you want to show or do obedience, agility, herding trials, etc. Read this site for more information. Do your homework beforehand, learn all you can about the breed and what the different registries are!!

Read these articles below to learn what registries are acceptable if you want to show your dog, do herding trials, or trial in obedience, agility, rally, etc. Know all you can before adding a new member to the family.


Do your homework -- If you are looking for a dog to show in conformation, or work in agility or obedience, see if relatives have worked these venues. Check the background of the parents. Many say a pup is show quality but they have no Champions and none of their dogs have ever been shown or gained a real AKC Championship. They know little of type or structure or what good movement is. If you want a performance dog, again check the background and the breeder. Have any of their dogs competed? If you are looking to devote many hours in training a dog just take some time and check to see if the breeder has had pups that have accomplished anything in these venues.

An "ethical" breeder will not only be more then happy to help you learn, they will guide you as your pup grows, be willing to take back any of their dogs so they never end up in shelters or puppy mills. They will be a fountain of information on the breed and if they cannot answer a question, will take the time to find someone who can!! They will guarantee against breed health problems or that the parents have been tested for genetic problems.

Our breed DOES have genetic problems, no matter how much some will say their dogs do not have any of this in their backgrounds, ALL pedigrees have had genetic problems --Hips Dysplasia (HD) - deafness (BAER testing can tell if a dog can hear in both ears. If it is a UNI - (hearing in only one ear) - or DEAF. PRA testing can tell if a dog may become affected with blindness, be a carrier or not be affected at all. Unless a breeder has done "some" testing on their breeding dogs, they will not know and can blindly say their dogs are not affected -- Because they do not know if they do not test.

Australian Cattle Dogs - Old Timers

Written by Cheryl Edward from AUSTRALIA. Being a real old photo fancier this is truly a MUST HAVE book. It is my very favorite of all the books on the breed as it is chock full of photos of some of the original dogs that began this breed. Also information on Australian breeders and their dogs. Sadly my issue is so dog eared as I love to go back to it often.

A Dog Called Blue

by Noreen Clark This is another must have book from AUSTRALIA about the Australia Cattle Dog, it's beginning and history. See the early breed dogs, early breed history. Many years of research went into this publication and well worth one's time to delve into if you really want to know about the breed. Also very recommended.


Herding on the Web
Check out info and links to books, videos, trainers, internet sites and more.


List for those that want to learn more about herding, or are already working their dogs and would like to chat with other who also work dogs.


ACD web site with section for health, activities and more, join the ACD-L list.


ACD web site has breed info, breeders, rescue, Nat'l specialty info, join the cattledog-L.
A must read visit to Deb's very well done online magazine.

InGen -- another genetic testing site that includes PRA

OPTIGEN -- Information on testing for prcd PRA

PENN HIP -- PennHip testing for hip ratings

OFA -- A registry for hi
p ratings and much more

AUCADO -- family friendly forum with members from all over the world
                AUSTLYN ACD's
            PNW's top Australian Cattle Dog breeder of 
                        AKC titled performance dogs
Jacquie Lawson's monthly card
Jacquie Lawson e-cards
ACD Spotlight- a Quarterly color on-line magazine by Deb Casey   This publication has very informative articles, lots of photos.  I highly recommend taking the time to read every page!!

ACD Gazette  - This is a new on line Quarterly publication by Doris Duewel of Finland.  Keep up with what is happening with our friends from this part of Europe

Dogzonline  This is THE website for dogs in Australia.  Check out what is happening at the shows wiht dogs rankings, links to breeders in Australia and more

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