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When I first began using this web site program I began with thier FREE offering for a web site.  There were so many options that I was looking for - lots of storage and bandwidth,  flash, slideshows, etc.  Once I realized how easy it was to create and maintain my site I did upgrade to the Pro.  The cost was so little I could not see not expanding as I wanted to create another web site or 2.  The add ons for a paying account made it well worth while.  I get lots of visitors with the search engine submission (my last programs I had to pay extra fees for)  web site stats and more.

One thing I really like with this program is that everything you need or want to add to your web site has a video HOW TO program that shows you how on You Tube.  I am one of those people that if I can be shown how to do something I understand the process and can get my goals accomplished.

Compare the levels of service.  I do not think you can beat the prices .. I found this site by searching the internet for days for the programs that offered a lot of extras for a reasonable check it out.  I have also been very impressed with the response to any of the questions that I sent to the techs.  This is not one of those programs where you sign up, pay your fees and then more or less get ignored or it takes forever to get a response.  No one wants to pay for a service and then not have a working web site, that could be a huge loss of revenue. I have been using web programs for over 15 years and this is the best priced and most fun one to use. 

If you decide to give the FREE program a try, you can sign up as my guest via this site

Just click the start now and on next page there will be some examples of web sites you can make.  At the toolbar on the top - go to pricing to compare the 3 levels they have.  You can use the FREE program easily, no time limits applied.