AQUILA's  Australian Cattle Dog
       Albert & Jane Ward
  Duncan, BC   Canada

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UPDATED June  2014
Star's last breeding was also by Jane and myself to the handsome Whiskey ( MBIS, RBIS, 3X BPIS, CAN GCHX and Am GCh. AGASSIZ’S WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS, CGN, HIC) That was a splendid litter producing 2 boys and 1 girl all outstanding temperaments and show credentials.

The first to show was the girl Hottie (Aquila's Hot Dam Here I AM) by Mark Philpott and her very first weekend out as a 9 mo old pups she garnered 3 majors. She was ill for a bit so not shown and now and needs just 2 pts to finish,

Second was the silly goofy Jimmy (Austlyn Ksenia's Racin Four T Eight) that lives with and is shown by Barb (Kensia Shelties) and Ashley Loitz of Canada. WOW is all I can say about his first weekend out... he went Adult Reserve Best In Show, Best In Show puppy and several group placings too. In just 3 weekends he is a Can Ch and in those 3 weeks he garnered the RBIS, BISP, BPIG, 1 GRP1 - 1 GRP 2 - 2 GRP 3's and 1 GRP 4  In August at 15 months og age - Jimmie won Best In Show at the 2014 Canadian National Specialty.

The third pup Quincy ( Austlyn's N Wallaroo's Interceptor ) went to live with Sara Herzlinger of Wallaroo ACDs in Germany. His first venture into the show ring he went to the European Winner Show of the VDH and garnered European Youth Winner and Youth BOB, he garnered 5 titles in 3 days.  Quincy also has done very well = at the Specialty Show of the Australian Cattle Dog of Germany he won and then went on to garner Best Dog of the Day....all these pups are just 16 months old. 

Most of all I have been quite pleased with the temperaments of Star's pups and my litters over the years.  This is a subject that has always been #1 for me, one needs a dog that is easy to live with whether it be as a pet, show or performance dog.  My breedings have been successful in many venues - show-herding-performance-pets  but most of all I enjoy the comments from my puppy people, their friends and even their vets and trainers as to the wonderful temperaments of my dogs.  ​​I strive to have pups and begin socialization from the day they are born.  Star is a very well rounded gal and has a lovely personality and attitude.
Star handled by Megan Scholz earning her 2nd major
Star and Megan at the Cascade Specialty winning RWB - 18 mos old
More photos on Star can be found on her page at CH. Firefly's Shining Star for Austlyn
                            PRA: Pattern A - clear   PPL - clear    HIPS: Good    ELBOWS: normal      BAER: normal        BITE: full dentition, correct scissors bite

This is a pedigree with lots of potential for many venues.  Dogs that have excelled in the show ring, in herding and other performance venues as well.  Stars pups have also proven to be wonderful pets with nice temperaments.  Both parents have outstanding temperaments and many aspects we hope they both pass off to the pups, both have full dentition and correct bites.  Both my old girls Jetta and Sara are incorporated into this pedigree and they are my foundation girls that successfully began my breeding program.  Both girls have produced litters with pups that went on to titles in almost all venues for trialing, working homes, pet homes, etc.  I am extremely proud of their legacy and the expectation is that this will continue on with this litter.  Both parents have been tested resulting in good hips and elbows, full hearing  and PRA --  for PRA a clear to a carrier so all pups will either be clears or carriers.

The litter will be whelped in BC, Canada by Albert & Jane Ward.  Shipping can either be from Canada or Seattle, Wa   For those wanting to get more information please contact Jane at  or myself  at​
At birth Cattle Dogs are born white with whatever facial markings they will have later in life. Most of these pups are called plain faced with no facial markings. The pups remain white until about 3 weeks of age when their coat color begins to come in, these pups will all be blue. At this age, 1 1/2 week, there is really not much to see besides for cute little white puppies. They are just opening their eyes. We will continue to update the pictures as the puppies grow, I do not have them listed by sex as of yet but will do so in later photos.

​​ I must state that we do not place pups simply by their looks or markings,  Finding forever homes is very important to both you and the pup.  We wait until we know more about each pup, their attitudes, behaviors, structure and for show and performance a little more then others.  I usually tell people not to fall in love with any particular pup as we do most of the choosing.  There may well be several for you to choose from but we would not want to place a high drive pup in a home that is not prepared for the energy level or vice versa..a laid back pup in a performance home.  Also as a breeder we do want to have dogs that will, in the future, be presented to the public via dog shows or performance venues.  We will pick out a pup or two from each litter for these venues.  We work as hard as we can to make sure the new homes get a dog that is going to fit into their lifestyles as that is so much more important then facial markings.