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                Rescue groups working with ACDs
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This is a work in progress as I get all the rescue groups and contacts or websites together.  Remember you can also go to to locate dogs in your area.

Another great resource for rescue can be found at   this is a forum run by and participated in by cattle dog people.  You will find all kinds of fanciers - from show folk, to herding and working folk, rescue people, everyday people who just love the breed.  The forum also has a complete Rescue section -- listing those in dire urgent need, to those whose owners are holding until they find a hew home.  Stop in and say hello...we love company and love pictures of your dogs too!!   Go to the forum list and see how many places there are to visit!

If you are not able to add another dog to your home or actively volunteer as a foster for a rescue dog, all of these groups can and do accept donations.  If you had a special dog in your life that is now over the bridge, why not send a small donation to any of these groups in memory of that special dog??  Believe me, even $10 is greatly appreciated - without these groups, the dogs they help to rehome would simply be another statistic..please help when and where you can.  The people and the dogs will always be grateful as the majority depend on us 'animal lovers' to keep them going!!!

Please contact me if you would like to have your group listed on this page.  Will list contacts, web sites, etc.  both in the USA and other countries. 
Contact for dogs in the PNW area: Linda Watkins; or call 208-484-2534.   Application including references and vet info is required along with home visit. Dogs are not adopted on first-come-first-served basis; they try to ensure the most appropriate home. Pet Adoption Network is a 501(c)3 (IRS designated non-profit, tax exempt) organization. All donations to PAN are tax deductible.

Here is the link to Linda's web page  Please bookmark it and do pass her work and information on to those looking to rescue a cattle dog.
          Dogs available for adoption
                                                                              If you are on Facebook search for

                                                                          PNW Heelers in Need
                                                                                  BARLEE'S ANGELS RESCUE NETWORK

​​This hard working group is in Mississauga, ONTARIO  Check them out and if you can afford even $5-10 these groups need all the help they can get form outside sources to continue to do their work.  They have to cover pull fees to get dogs out of shelters, vet fees to get them up to date on shots and meds and be redy for new homes,  then of course food and supplies.  So please help eve if you think it is too little.  They can also be found on YouTube (barleesangels) and Facebook!!
Two hard working groups here that can always use donations, fosters and most of all - simply passing the word onsopme of the dogs these people aare are helping

                                                           ARIZONA CATTLE DOG RESCUE
                                               NEW HOPE AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG RESCUE