Our goal in breeding cattle dogs is to produce dogs that can do what they were bred to do, and also participate in the many venues that this breed succeeds well in – agility, obedience, rally, conformation and more. For us, structure and temperament are #1. We want a dog that can find a home forever in a family and/or working situation, one that is intelligent and biddable.

We take pride in the dogs that we have bred that have gone on to their new homes. Many have found working homes, others have gone on to become AKC show Champions, garnered obedience and rally titles, certified as CGC and therapy dogs….yet the title that I most prefer is simply "my best friend'   Of course we could not have established the abilities of the dogs and the success of our breeding program without our pups owners. It is to them that I am most appreciative, both in giving these youngsters loving homes, but also for keeping their minds and bodies active. Thank you to all that have taken these dogs to your homes and hearts.

We usually have one to two breedings a year. Our dogs come from generations of tested dogs for hips, hearing and since 2002 for prcdPRA, when the test was released for this genetic problem. We nowadays also x-ray elbows and we prefer PennHip for hips. I like that each hip is rated individually by a measurement system, more can be found on PennHip on my Links  page. We are a Code of Ethics breeder with the ACDCA (Australian Cattle Dog Club of America)

We generally have a waiting list for our breedings. Pups are evaulated on many levels, such as structure, attitude, temperment, drive and biddability. If you would like to be on a list for an upcoming breeding, please fill out an application . Once a litter is verified by ultrasound I begin taking applications and deposits.

I do not care to send my pups to a home where they will live in a kennel run or be outdoors all the time, etc.  Australian Cattle Dogs can become bored and destructive. Know the breed before adding one to your home and family,  join some ACD related lists to discuss and learn about the breed!! They do very well as a family pets as long as the owner is willing to dedicate time, daily walks and play plus exercise. Believe me...YOU will tire out long before they do when it comes to tossing the frisbee, tennis ball, etc.  The breed is called a "velcro" dog for many reasons, they enjoy being part of the family and good buddies.  They simply do not do well as dogs left on their own.   Many areas have local Australian Cattle dog clubs, contact the parent club for more information   ACDCA 

For those interested in doing AKC activities please check my Links  page for LOOKING FOR A REGISTERED AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG?  This site explains what to look for regarding registries. Not all registries are recognized or eligible to compete in AKC events and this will explain more about this.  Some websites claim the dogs they breed can be shown, but are not AKC registered and cannot be shown in AKC shows.  You can however show these dogs in all but conformation for a Championship title under the AKC's PAL/ILP program, as long as they are spayed or neutered.  See here for more info.
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